5 page information sheets for people who have asked about the genetics of MND, genetic testing, pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) or further research into MND.

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Should I have predictive genetic testing for motor neurone disease?

This online decision tool is designed to help you and your family discuss your choices. The tool summarizes research and best practice information to help people make decisions about predictive genetic testing for MND. Genetic testing allows people to be aware if they are carrying a fault (or mutation) in an MND gene, so that they can make decisions and plans for their life.

You may not feel ready to read all the information contained in this tool. If so, read the information you wish to know, at the best time for you. If you would like more detailed information, links to other resources are provided in the relevant sections, and in the resources at the end of this tool. MND Patient Decision Support

MND Genies

This is an online support network and Facebook group for people who have a motor neurone disease related genetic mutation, but do not have MNDMND Genies


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