MND NSW is a strong advocate for the advancement of research into motor neurone disease. In Australia there are several ways in which you can actively participate in research into motor neurone disease. While MND NSW supports research into MND, individuals need to carefully consider and determine if participation is right for them. You can find out how you can participate in research in this section.


The Australian Motor Neurone Disease Registry is a de-identified disease based registry that facilitates the collection and storage of Motor Neurone Disease data.

It includes information such as patient demographics, site of onset of disease, diagnosis date, treatment type, changes in disease, complications related to disease progression and the impact of new treatments and interventions for MND.

Based at Neuroscience Research Australia (NeuRA), there is a research clinic focusing on frontotemporal dementia and associated syndromes, including MND. Brain donation is when a person and their family decide to donate their brain for medical research following death.