Lorrie and Noel built their house in 1975 – a home that has been filled with laughter and tears. Perched high on a ridge north of Sydney, they look out over the beautiful Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park.

Not in their wildest dreams did they ever imagine that this home would become Lorrie’s prison. In fact Lorrie has two prisons. Her healthy and alert mind is trapped inside a body that is rapidly loosing its ability to move and the house with its thirty odd steps from street level to the front door keeps her house-bound now that she is no longer able to walk.

Lorrie loved to dance. In fact, she taught drama and dance sport to thousands of students over the years. But that all stopped when she started getting muscle cramps and losing movement in arms and legs.

"Living with MND offers me no hope but Noel and I have two choices. We can laugh at the small things or we can feel sorry for ourselves. We chose to laugh.

MND NSW has been wonderful; lending me an electric bed and other equipment which otherwise we would have had to purchase. And there is also the help at the end of the phone on the days when I just cannot find something to laugh about.

Knowing there is no cure for MND means there is no sense of hope and that is the hardest feeling. If only there was more money available for research. I pray that one day there will be a cure - not for me, for I know it is too late, but for all those who come after me."

~ Lorrie MacGregor

To honour Lorrie and the hundreds of people living with MND in NSW each and every day we ask you to make a difference.
All it takes is money and each of us can make that possible, by making a donation now and or leaving a bequest in our Wills to Motor Neurone Disease New South Wales Ltd.