There is no cure for motor neurone disease... yet. In this section you can find information about participating in research trials, grants for MND researchers and the research arm of MND Australia, Motor Neurone Disease Research Australia. For the latest MND research news, see our blog pages on this website or follow the link to MND Australia. Get involved in research | MND Australia



Participating in research

MND NSW is a strong advocate for the advancement of research into motor neurone disease. In Australia there are several ways in which you can actively participate in research into motor neurone disease. While MND NSW supports research into MND, individuals need to carefully consider and determine if participation is right for them. You can find out how you can participate in research in this section.


For researchers

Information about grants for research into motor neurone disease can be found here: For researchers | MND Australia


MND Research Australia

MND Research Australia is a national organisation, established in 1984 to promote medical and scientific research into MND. MND Research Australia is driven forward by the vision to understand the causes, find effective treatments and discover cures for MND.