The Motor Neurone Disease Association of New South Wales is a registered charity.

Vice Patrons: Melinda Gainsford Taylor, Kevin Langdon OAM and Hon Mr Justice Peter W Young.

The purpose of Motor Neurone Disease New South Wales is given by the following Objects:

  • To provide benefits for and services to members of the Association with motor neurone disease, their families and carers without discrimination.
  • To distribute authoritative information and promotion of education to all people with motor neurone disease, their families, their carers, health professionals and the public.
  • To promote public awareness of motor neurone disease.
  • To assist by providing specialised equipment for patient use on a loan basis, where practicable.
  • To facilitate the formation and operation of branches and support groups.
  • To encourage and assist in the establishment of service organisations for patient treatment, support and care.
  • To promote the study of and research into the causes, treatment and cure(s) of motor neurone disease.
  • To encourage fundraising and to raise funds for allocation to research work by Motor Neurone Disease Research Australia, or other government recognised research organisations.
  • To inform members and the public about research being undertaken in Australia and overseas.
  • To promote, develop and accept membership into the Association from patients, their families, carers, health professionals, interested persons and the public.
  • To hold social, educational and support meetings of members - such meetings not being general meetings.
  • To promote co-operation among members and to represent their interests.
  • To provide a caring link between patients in order to reduce the feeling of isolation.
  • To co-operate with other self-help organisations and with other local, state, territory, national and international motor neurone disease Associations in the achievement of these Objects.
  • To establish, maintain and extend a comprehensive library of motor neurone disease and other requisite works.
  • To invest moneys of the Association not immediately required in approved interest bearing funds.
  • To raise funds and to promote fundraising by branches and support groups for patient services.
  • To do all other things as may be necessary to achieve the above mentioned Objects.