Wow Canberra! What a great morning it was at our Walk to d'Feet MND. This Walk is growing each year. Thank you to all of our amazing fundraisers, participants and volunteers. Our Walk results are in and an amazing $50,952.57 was raised! 


Do you live in the Riverina area in NSW? Macquarie University is looking into how environmental risk factors may play a part in causing MND. They are recruiting research participants who either have an MND diagnosis or have lived in the same household as someone with MND in the past 10 years. 

Videos from the 17 April 2019 Families for the Treatment of Hereditary MND (FaTHoM) meeting organised by the University of Oxford are now available free online. MND clinicians-researchers presented on topics such as genetics of MND, genetic testing and gene therapies. Below you can find out more about what was presented on the day

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