People with motor neurone disease often require equipment to continue living at home. One of the major roles of MND NSW is to help people with motor neurone disease get access to equipment, as soon as the need for equipment arises. 


FlexEquip provides assistive technology (aids and equipment) to adults who live in NSW or the ACT and meet either of the following criteria:

  • A person diagnosed with motor neurone disease who needs the use of assistive technology.
    Where possible longer-term funding for equipment through funding bodies such as Enable NSW should be utilised.


  • An NDIS participant over 18 years of age and who has assistive technology funding (Diagnosis of MND and any other NDIS accepted diagnosis)


MND equipment hire costs

For people with motor neurone disease who are over the age of 65 years and not NDIS participants, equipment provided is fully subsidised by MND NSW, thanks to the generous donations and community fundraising efforts of our supporters. If you would like to help us ensure people living with MND aged 65 and over can get the equipment they need, you can make a donation to MND NSW here.

For people who are NDIS participants, a FlexEquip service agreement will be arranged so funding from your assistive technology budget can be best utilised for you to get the equipment that best suits your needs. 

FlexEquip offer either bundle subscription or individual rental options- find out more here.


How to get assistive equipment

Once we receive a request from your health professional through our online referral system, FlexEquip can provide available equipment to those eligible for equipment hire.

Your health professional will be someone such as a physiotherapist, speech pathologist or occupational therapist, who has assessed your needs and requirements in your primary residence. 

This will ensure that:

  • you receive the most appropriate assistive technology for your needs and your individual environment
  • you will be instructed on the safe use of the assistive technology.

Using wrong or unsuitable assistive technology can put you and others at risk of serious injury. 

If you need help in finding a health professional who can help you determine the best adaptive devices and assistance technology for your needs, contact your general practitioner or MND NSW.

For more information on how to get low cost assistive technology, visit the FlexEquip website here.

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Whether it's wheelchair hire, adaptive devices, mobility equipment hire or speech generating devices, FlexEquip has a range of assistive technology to assist people living with motor neurone disease. 

MND equipment items offered by FlexEquip includes, but is not limited to:

  • Wheelchairs - including manual wheelchairs, lightweight wheelchairs, electric/power wheelchairs
  • Speech and communication technology and devices - including eye-tracking devices, voice amplifiers, and call devices
  • Feeding aids and other assistive devices for eating, like robotic feeders
  • Pressure care technology and devices - including specialised cushions and overlays, mattresses and more
  • Mobility aids, such as portable ramps and walkers
  • Bathroom Aids - including toileting and shower assistance equipment such as commodes, shower chairs and more
  • Electric beds and specialised mattresses and overlays
  • Transfer equipment - including hoists and slings, slide transfer boards and over bed poles
  • Armchairs, including electric raiser recliner chairs

 You can view the full list of assistive equipment for hire from the FlexEquip equipment library here.


FlexEquip is a service of Motor Neurone Disease NSW (MND NSW) that assists adults with MND and NDIS participants to access assistive technology (aids and equipment).

You can find out more information about FlexEquip equipment at

If you would like to access support and services via MND NSW, please call our MND Info Line for further information or complete our online Intake Form.

In addition to providing you with access to equipment, if you have motor neurone disease and are a participant with MND NSW we may be able to provide you with a partial subsidy of rental costs for non-invasive ventilation or a suction machine. For more information contact the MND InfoLine.