MND Connect is a ‘one-stop shop' website about motor neurone disease for primary, allied, palliative, aged, disability and community care professionals. 

MND Connect gives access to latest evidence based and best practice MND symptom management and support information as soon as a need arises. The website includes state specific referral pathways to assist in identifying health professionals and services to meet the identified needs of patients with MND.

The aim of the website is to facilitate and promote best practice coordinated, multidisciplinary MND care for all people with a diagnosis of MND in Australia especially in regional, rural and remote areas.

Evidence based guidelines and systematic reviews are the primary source of information on the website. These guidelines and reviews provide evidence for timely interventions and referral to improve survival and the quality of life of people living with MND.

MND Connect

The website provides MND specific information for professionals from the onset of symptoms through to bereavement. As a symptom or need arises MND Connect will assist the professional to:

  1. assess the needs of the person with MND and their carer
  2. get evidence based and best practice MND information
  3. make referrals to the right provider at the right time
  4. provide a coordinated, multidisciplinary team approach to MND care

Each web page provides a quick and easy summary of a symptom or MND related need with links to the source paper or resource. Links to related content, documents and external links provides more in-depth information as required.

Research studies have shown that the health and community professionals involved in the care of a person with MND can give better care and advice when they are knowledgeable about motor neurone disease and are supported to provide a coordinated, multi and inter disciplinary team approach to care.

If you are caring for a person with MND or their carer visit For health professionals & service providers | MND Australia to learn more about this uncommon disease

You can help people with motor disease live better for longer.