MND Aware is a comprehensive, web-based awareness training course about motor neurone disease (MND), developed by Motor Neurone Disease NSW.

As MND is not a common disease, people working in health and disability may have little or no knowledge about this condition. MND is a progressive and ultimately fatal disease, and there are about 2000 people in Australia living with MND at any given time.

Our MND Aware training is suitable for all types of learners, easy to use and interactive. It has been specifically developed for health and community care professionals including

  • community, home care, disability, and aged care workers
  • intake and referral staff
  • care coordinators and case managers
  • health, allied health, and palliative care professionals
  • volunteers, pastoral care workers and others who work with people living with MND

The course equips learners with a basic understanding of the disease and the impact it has on an individual's life, their families and friends, and it prepares them for when they do meet someone with the disease. MND Aware also provides specific information about care, symptom management and wellbeing, and support needs of a person with MND. The course can be accessed at

Our MND Aware course comprises 8 modules, and each module is followed by a brief quiz. The first four modules introduce motor neurone disease, person-centered care and the multidisciplinary team, and symptom management. Symptom management concentrates on swallowing, speech, and communication, then mobility, insomnia, and changes in cognition.

The second half of MND Aware features more general modules on palliative care, communication, looking after people from different cultural and linguistic backgrounds, and emotional and behavioural changes in people living with MND.

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