Finding out that you have motor neurone disease (MND) can be overwhelming for you, your family, and your friends. There may be conversations you wish to have with the people you have connecting relationships with.

When you are comfortable to share your diagnosis, many of the people close to you will not have heard about MND before. You can decide how and when to share the news and find ways to adapt and manage any changes in your relationships.

Here are some suggestions of what to think about when deciding to share with those close to you: Living with MND: Friends & Relationships | MND Australia

Sexuality and intimacy
Intimacy and sexuality are important to our quality of life and our emotional well-being and remain important to people living with motor neurone disease (MND) and their partners.

The impact of MND on intimacy and sexuality may not be discussed during your health appointments and this may leave people unsure about where to find information and who to talk with about any concerns.

For more information and support on how to maintain intimacy in relationships, visit:


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