Great question! You can make a difference at MND NSW and will benefit from the experience by learning new skills, honing old ones and making new friends. You will get a sense of satisfaction in making a valuable contribution to our work. People choose to volunteer for many different reasons, and hopefully, you will too!

A way to meet new people

What better way to meet new friends? Volunteering connects people - if you're new to the area or just want to expand your friendship circle, considering volunteering with us as a way to get involved in your community.

Our members can use your help

From time to time all of us need a little bit of help. Our members (people with motor neurone disease) need help and assistance in a variety of different ways. If you feel a need to help, then volunteering with MND NSW is a great way to fulfil your desire!

Help researchers find out more about motor neurone disease and help MND NSW continue to provide services to people living with MND

If you are interested in helping bv volunteering to raise funds for MND research and services, you are also helping our members. Funds raised are used to find out more about MND causes and effects and to help run MND NSW services, such FlexEquip, our service that helps people with MND get access to equipment, and education programs for members, carers and health professionals.

Gain Recognition

MND NSW provides Certificates of Volunteer Participation to our volunteers. Some achievement awards, such as the Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award, require participants to engage in community service. Being part of a volunteering organisation makes getting that requirement a whole lot easier!

A Great Career Move

More and more, employers are looking to community service to be the distinguishing factor among applicants. Putting your volunteering experience on your resume shows commitment, experience in the field and a willingness to go the extra mile in order to finish a job.

Volunteering also offers a range of opportunities for people who are unemployed to maintain existing skills and to develop new ones. Some ways that volunteering can benefit people who are unemployed include:

  • increasing self esteem and self-confidence
  • providing an opportunity to participate in new activities
  • developing new contacts - networking
  • exposure to job opportunities as they arise
  • opportunity to help others in need
  • to work in the area that suits your interests and skills
  • the opportunity to gain valuable experience.