Who are MND Advisors?

MND Advisors are qualified health and community care professionals with specific knowledge and experience related to MND. This support is available to:

  • people who have MND
  • family members
  • carers and other people close to the person living with MND
  • health and community care providers.

MND Advisors have a commitment to providing professional and appropriate support. All MND NSW staff, including MND Advisors, work within a code of conduct and participate in professional development activities related to their role. The MND Advisor’s relationship with a person living with MND is a professional and confidential one (for more information see the MND NSW Privacy Policy).

If you have been diagnosed with MND and would like to access support and services via MND NSW, please call our MND Info Line for further information or complete our online Intake Form.

What do MND Advisors do?

  • Provide information for people recently diagnosed with MND, their families and carers.
  • Support the person living with MND, their family and carers by maintaining contact through home visits, telephone and email.
  • Assist people living with MND to identify what services they need or may need.
  • Provide referral and assistance for timely access to health and community services.
  • Assist with access to MND NSW equipment/assistive technology, support groups, carer education, information sessions and volunteer assistance where available.
  • Give information about, and liaise with, MND multidisciplinary clinics and services.
  • Advocate on behalf of people with MND and their carers.
  • Build networks with health and community care providers and provide information and education on MND.

Each MND Advisor is allocated an area of Sydney and/or NSW/ACT to be their primary focus. This enables them to develop local knowledge of the services available in their region and to create a network of contacts within these services. They periodically visit regional areas.

They can also advise you with how you can access Government support for you.

You can contact your MND Advisor by calling 1800 777 175 (NSW, ACT and NT).


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