Drawing from his personal experience of having children with autism, Tommy Hilfiger began creating Tommy Adaptive fashion in 2016. Beginning with children’s clothing, the range proved so popular that it has now expanded to adult sizing. Tommy's Adaptive clothing range for men, women and children is now available in Australia.

1 in 5 Australians are living with a disability. This is an entire community of consumers that may feel left out of the conversation when it comes to engaging with fashion and style. Tommy Adaptive is aiming to help close those gaps to ensure fashion is more accessible and inclusive.

Tommy Adaptive appreciates that buttons, zips and some items of clothing can be challenging for people living with a disability. The Adaptive clothing range includes innovative design solutions and hidden details which make them more comfortable and accessible. Features of the collection include magnetic buttons, large open necklines, velcro closures, adjustable hems and no zippers.

The number of brands working on adaptive and accessible fashion collections is steadily growing, and hopefully future designers will ensure their fashion and clothing ranges are an inclusive experience.

You can view the full Tommy Adaptive range on their website here.

Additionally, Australian based company EveryHuman also specialise in clothing where function and fashion are combined. Their adaptive clothing and footwear range is available in Australia & New Zealand and can be found online here.

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