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MND NSW staff member, Nicole, opens up about her experiences with MND 

I am quite often asked, ‘How can you work where you are?’ and always my reply is ‘It’s the most rewarding job I have ever done in my life.’ And I’ve done quite a few.

Ten years ago, a close friend, Em from my mother’s group started having issues and eventually was diagnosed with MND. At the time, I knew nothing of MND. Over the next few years, I became one of her carers. I looked after Em five days a week for a long time so her husband could continue to work and support both Em and their two young children.

We lost the beautiful, smiling Em five years ago at the age of 39. She left behind a husband who adored her and two gorgeous children aged 7 and 4.  I had already started working for MND NSW when Em passed away.

Eighteen months ago, another friend was diagnosed with MND. Ian was my childhood friend. My Year 10 Formal date, my year 12 Formal saviour, my teen moral compass, my travel and social companion and co-conspirator. Now, I’m catching up with him whenever I can. MND does not give a time frame and you have to take every minute you can.

Working for MND NSW has allowed me, in a very small way, to continue to help people with MND and their carers.  Hopefully I can make life just that little bit easier, help a carer keep someone home just that little bit longer, just that little bit safer or most importantly, just a little bit happier.

I am constantly in awe of the strength and determination I see daily from those with MND and my hope is that one day, as soon as possible, my job will no longer be needed.

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