Established in 1997, National Science Week provides an opportunity to acknowledge the contributions of Australian scientists to the world of knowledge.

National Science Week 2023 runs from 12-20 August, and aside from joining the many events happening throughout Australia, you can help make a difference to Australia's scientific knowledge by taking part in MND research.

MND NSW has also provided $900,000 for research into MND over the past 3 years. Thanks to your amazing fundraising efforts, you've helped ensure scientists can continue working hard to find better treatments, and ultimately a cure for motor neurone disease.

Ways to Participate in MND Research

Interested in taking part and assisting researchers to gain a better understanding of MND needs in Australia, including better care, treatment and hopefully soon a cure for MND? You can take part in research.

Clinical Trials

Clinical trials include testing drugs, medical devices and procedures. Trials may explore how MND can be prevented, treated or managed using clinical interventions. They are undertaken to find out the effectiveness and safety of new treatments.

The MND Australia website has information about active clinical trials from across Australia, including those that are currently recruiting for participants.

Non-Clinical Trials

Non-clinical trials are usually conducted by survey, interview or observation. Non-clinical trials ask participants to share their experience, feedback and perspectives on a particular topic. Non-clinical trials are also sometimes open to family members who have been affected by MND. Visit the MND Australia website at for a list of the current non-clinical trials currently recruiting for participants.

Join the MiNDAUS Patient Registry

The MiNDAUS registry collects data about people living with MND. Participants can choose to input information about their journey with MND including the treatments they have chosen to accept and the functional changes they have experienced.

The database is helpful for people with MND to keep track of their healthcare information and gives the option of sharing this information with researchers to support a better understanding of MND.

Research News and Information

Want to keep up with the latest research news and information? MND Australia hosts the State of Play webinar series, discussing MND and some of the work being completed by researchers across Australia. They also distribute newsletters featuring news about research being conducted in Australia and globally. Find out more at by visiting MND Australia's research news updates webpage.

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