As 2021 is now well underway, it's a good time to start thinking about joining our information and support events. We have many online and face to face events planned for this year and this is an opportunity to connect with others and join our MND community. 

We are tentatively planning to resume our in-person support groups and national Walks from March onwards, please keep an eye on our Events page and social media for further updates. 




MND Information Sessions
This 90-minute online and interactive presentation provides information on the basics of MND, the services that MND NSW can provide and other available government and health supports. This is a recommended program for anyone who has been recently diagnosed. You, and your support network, are all welcome to attend and you can register via the contact details shown below. 

Chat and Connect
Each month our Support Services team members make themselves available for people to connect with online. These sessions are facilitated and are designed to respond to the questions and needs of those who attend and will feature topic discussions and guest speakers. These sessions also offer keyboard chat so that typing or assistive technology can be used. Come armed with a cuppa and any questions you may have, and we will be there to connect with you.

Carer Peer Support
This group meets monthly to share their experiences of caring. As well as support, carers will learn from one another how to manage when supporting someone with complex needs as well as juggling life and family commitments. Stay for the whole session or just pop by to say hello, our carers set their own pace.

Younger Carers (18-35 yrs) Peer Support
This group meets regularly throughout the year to support one another in their caring role for a parent, friend or relative and recognises the unique challenges younger carers face. While not every problem can be solved, having others to speak with who share your experiences can be incredibly beneficial. An experienced member of the MND Support Services team facilitates these sessions to ensure everyone gets the most out of talking together.

MND NSW Support Groups
Support groups offer people living with MND and their family an opportunity to meet and to learn more about living well with MND. Our MND Advisors lead these groups and provide education as a part of these sessions. Support groups run regionally to ensure participants can link up with others in their area and so local knowledge can be shared. Many of our groups are returning to face to face meetings and you can find out what's available in your area by checking our events page or contacting your MND Advisor. 

For further details or to register, please visit our Events page or contact our Info Line: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or (02) 8877 0999.


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